Fantastic Food Tasting Tour

The tour company set up this private tour on short notice. We enjoyed plenty of food, beer, wine & liquors. Nick our guide was excellent, providing interesting, comical historical and current perspective during the tour. This is one of the best food tours I have taken and I highly recommend it.

“Nicky was immediately friendly and knowledgeable…

…….a two hour delay at takeoff and I arrived at 1200 for the 1000 start. But guide Nicky saved the day. After we all went to three spots to eat Nicky spent extra time taking me back to the previous dishes I missed. Such a nice gesture. ……… Lovely tour!

Well worth the cost

Wonderful experience of tasting local food and the history of Valletta.

Our guide Nick was fantastic

and really full of knowledge on the food and culture of Valletta and Malta. we had a great time! Highly recommend this to anyone looking for an inside scope on the area and food of Valetta

My guide was Nick, a very knowledge and enthusiastic person

I love history and he had information about Malta, Valletta , and the Knights of Malta that I would not have learned otherwise. The food and drinks were very interesting from the Cactus liquor to the mashed peas pastry. I look forward to returning another day to spend more time at the places he took…

Nick was our guide and he was incredibly knowledgeable

…… as well as personable. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves to eat and learn!

“This was a great tour. A wonderful way to understand Malta!”

We loved our tour!

Our guide, Ingrid was fabulous, one of the best food tour guides we have experienced.

Are you looking to sample the delights of Maltese cuisine? Do you want inside information on the best places to eat in Valletta? Are you interested in joining a small group tour and meeting people who share your passion for great quality food? If yes we highly recommend Offbeat Malta

Very nice and successful tour

…………with lots of food, coupled with interesting background information on the topic “food in Malta”. The tour guide was Maltese and had a very good expertise. A tour that I personally can and will recommend.

Many thanks to Ingrid for her excellent tour

….. would recommend this to anyone with an interest in food specific to this area and was conveyed in a very engaging manner.

Congratulations on a fantastic experience.

Congratulations on a fantastic experience. Our guide , Nick has strong passion and pride in Malta and in particular the capital city gem Valletta ,with a trophy chest full of interesting knowledge. A great experience combination.

This tasting experience was unique, fun and full of information

This tasting experience was unique, fun and full of information. Our guide, Ingrid, was passionate about the Maltese cuisine, local culture and history, she not only showed us a great selection of traditional food and beverage, but also introduced quite a few historical places of interest to us.

Our guide was Ingrid and she was great

“Our guide was Ingrid and she was great. Have a wonderful morning wondering around Malta, learning about the culture and eating some excellent food.”

This tour is a must if you visit Valletta

This tour is a must if you visit Valletta. It’s a great way to familiarise yourself with the town , discover the best places to visit and enjoy a morning sampling Malta’s traditional food and drink. Plenty of foods stops so go hungry and pace yourself.

…one of the best local experiences

“Nick was an incredible guide. He has profound depth of knowledge of Malta and is proud to share his culture and heritage with you. After a month of travelling within Malta this was one of the best local experiences we had. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who loves food

An exceptional host

Our guide for the Valletta food tour was Nick. He was an exceptional host who was very engaged and knowledgable about the history of Malta and it’s food. He taught us a lot of history in addition to some of his own interpretations as a Maltese person, of how Malta’s food culture has developed.

…more of a feast

“Maria was very knowledgeable. The tour described providing snacks but it was more of a feast (cheese or pea pastizzi and tea, Maltese pizza, Kinnie soda, veggies and rabbit, wine, chocolate beverage, Maltese dessert and special cocktail). Lots of walking and history along the many stops. 👍🏽  I would recommend the tour. I’d encourage you…

Foodie must do!

“Foodie must do! If you’re a foodie then you’ll want to add this tour to your Maltese travel plans. We enjoyed great food, drinks, history and conversation. It was a great way to explore Valletta, meet fellow travelers and of course sample great food and drinks from local shops and restaurants.”

“Delicious, traditional food served with a story, and so much more!”
“Value for money”
“Will certainly recommend it to others”
“Thanks and keep it up!”
“………….very well organized with every aspect being taken care of. Well done for the superb work”