A fun and tasty tour

We had a great food tour with the knowledgeable and entertaining INgrid.  Five different venues and a chance to try all the local food and drink.  Really interesting to hear the history associated with these foods and enjoy the ambience of places off the beaten track. Highly recommend it but allow more time than the website suggests to fully enjoy.


Wendy Baxter

What a fun day

After visiting all over the island for more than a week and already having explored Valletta, it was good to go back to the capital to see the nooks and crannies of the city that I had overlooked. Our guide, Ingrid, was so lively and upbeat about the city and the foods that one couldn’t help but be excited about the tour. It was laid out very nicely, with stops at a place that serves breakfast, then one that serves a lunch and one that serves a dinner. We had a chance to sample Maltese wine, beer, and chocolate and go to places frequented by the locals. Our group was about 8 people, which was just perfect for moving around through the city and maneuvering through the crowded streets. We started at 10 and ended at about 2 I think, so it was nice that we never felt rushed. We had a chance to talk and meet the other participants and to learn more about them, a bonus when traveling abroad. All in all, a really fun day and all the better because of Ingrid, who was so knowledgeable about Malta and the foods we sampled. A must do!

Eugene Alpert

Fabulous evening

Fantastic food, stunning setting with an amazing guide. The tour was informative and fun. I would never have experienced the atmosphere ambience on my own. Met some wonderful characters. A must do tour.

Yvonne Sheen

A Maltese food fiesta

A group of 15 was met by Ingrid, our very upbeat guide. She was very enthusiastic and led us with great anticipation to the various restaurants. We, within a few hours discovered the very tasty local cuisine that included breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. It was lovely to be guided through the myriad of streets to the local eateries. We would recommend that participants be warned to come with an appetite.

Hilary Murphy

Informal amazing eating experience

Our guide Nick was very knowledgeable, but put everything across in a fun relaxed way. The food stops were all excellent and varied. We returned to a couple of the places we visited on the tour, for meals and to stock up on spices. Thank you!!!!

Lindy Jones

Very good food tasting tour!

Very nice walk around Valletta tasting local foods and delicacies! Informative and very pleasant guide. Would definitely recommend.

Andy Nealgrove

Brilliant tour – highly recommended

Ingrid was an excellent guide and we really enjoyed the tour. It was a great combination of insight into Maltese history, food, and culture. Ingrid really brought things to life and also was very funny! Great guide and we definitely recommend this tour to anyone looking for something a little different to the standard tourist site tour.

Jonathan Joseph-Home

Really worth it

Absolutely loved this tour, it was the highlight of our trip (family of 5 on holiday). We were part of a really fun group – 6 or so other people from all over the world, all coming together to try new and delicious food from a range of foodie pitstops (nothing too pretentious or fancy!). Our guide was amazing, she was so funny and managed to weave history and context into everything, while keeping it light and entertaining. She really made us laugh. The hours flew by.

Joanna Wolton

So much fun!

Ingrid was a fantastic tour guide – She was knowledgeable about the food and drink, and also about the culture and history of Valletta and Malta. She was also very funny and entertaining. The tour stopped at 4 places, all within easy walking distance within the old town. The four experiences were diverse and clearly well thought out. I’d recommend this tour, particularly with Ingrid, to anyone! Thank you!

Robyn MacKay

Honest and entertaining tour guide, delicious food!

We really loved Nick and his unique way of guiding us through Valetta, giving a good background to the city’s history while also pointing out architectural features we would have never noticed ourselves.

Despite eating most of the Maltese food already, prior to attending the tour, the places we went to was class, and food was very good quality and tasty. Highly recommended by foodies.

Benjamin Le

First Class Guide

My wife and I had an excellent time. Our guide Nicholas was exceptionally knowledgeable, friendly and funny. We learnt a lot about Malta and especially the ins and outs of Valletta. There was just the right level of food stops and mix of dishes. Wine included 👌. Lots of characters met along the way too. Would recommend to anyone visiting the city. 

John Reid

Best food tour!

Our tour guide Ingrid was amazing! She is very knowledge-able as she is also doing normal tours through Malta, so you get the perfect mix between food, history and why the food culture is what it is today. The food itself was really good and the restaurants we visited very well picked. My parents aren’t fluent in English, so I translated everything for them, which was no problem at all. My family and me really enjoyed the whole tour a lot! 😍 I have already done a few food tours all over the world, but this one was the best for me! Thank you very much Ingrid! ☺️

Marlene Bohm

Great Tour

We loved our food tour with Ingrid. The food was amazing and Ingrid gave us lots of history, stories and humour. I would highly recommend this to to anyone visiting Valletta.

Rose Creamer


Nick was brilliant, gave us really good history about the city and the food, great tour

Maggie Denholm


What a perfect way to discover Valletta. Our guide Nick was fantastic, sharing his depth of knowledge of Valletta’s food and history in a fun and informative way. If you want a first class way to find out about this amazing city, this is the tour for you. Bring an empty stomach and a thirst for knowledge.

Kate Akkerman

Great Way To Settle in to and Better understand History and Culture of Malta

We really enjoyed our tour with Ingrid. She explained big and little details, all the while keeping the mood light, and offering jokes or insights on life, with which we could all relate. She was very charming and friendly.

We visited five places, tasting a variety of Maltese foods and drink. She guided us to offbeat places we may not have otherwise found and explained the history behind the various foods and drinks we tried. She also offered to assist in finding restaurants, activities geared toward kids, and made general recommendations for other points of interest to see while on Malta. I would recommend this tour to anyone as we learned alot while having a really fun time.

Sean Dougherty

Best part of our Malta trip!

Nicola was a wealth of knowledge not only about food but about the history of Malta. Her enthusiasm and energy was infectious and made us love Malta even more. We learned so much and had such a great time! It was truly the highlight of our stay in Malta! Thank you!

Monica Meling

Awesome experience!

Nicky was a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced guide. She took us to some interesting local spots and provided lots of historical background and information. The food was delicious, varied, and plentiful, the sights incredible and the overall experience well worthwhile.

Catherine Salin Derrow

Great food, great company, great tour!

Daniela was the perfect guide. She took us to a great selection of places, some which we would never have gone to ourselves. She gave us little bits of history as we walked around and created a really warm, sociable atmosphere. Definitely not a boring walking tour!!

Bex Hewett

Highly Recommended!

I was initially concerned about the price of this tour, but it was worth every penny. I was absolutely stuffed afterwards, and everything tasted amazing. Our guide Daniela was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, not just about food but about the history of Malta as well. I felt like I got 2 tours in 1 because of her, but she never lectured – it was like hanging out with an old friend.

Kelly Matysik

Fantastic Experience

My husband and I loved this tour. The guide, Daniela was so knowledgable, and it was so obvious that she loved being a guide and teaching people about Maltese food. All the stops were places we would have never found ourselves, and the food was absolutely delicious! I highly recommend this tour to anyone who is looking for a unique and fun day in Valletta. Come hungry! And I hope you get Daniela as your guide because I can’t imagine there is anyone better.

Vivian Louis

A perfect slice of Malta!

Daniela was knowledgeable and very personable. Food portion, quality, taste were all spot on! Thanks for a great morning in Malta.

Kathryn Wiercinski

Malta food tour

The Valletta food tour was a great way to start our holiday in Malta. The guide was knowledgeable about the local food, ingredients and culture. We tasted a variety of tasty Maltese dishes at a range of establishments. The Definitive(ly) Good Guide to Restaurants in Malta and Gozo has been great for picking places to eat too!

Madeleine Ding

Tasty and informative tour

The tour guide was friendly and informative, happy to talk about anything Maltese with seemingly no limit to the depth of this knowledge on his home country. The food was great too.

Martin Owen

Interesting locations, great food

We enjoyed our tour very much. We discovered many aspects of food and traditions on Malta that we had not previously been aware of.

Rhonda Bowen

Fantastic tour, highlight of the trip

The tour was fantastic, our guide Nick was very knowledgeable and we found everything he said interesting. Very much enjoyed the food would recommend this trip to anyone visiting Malta. Thank you 🙂

Paul Berry

*5 Star* Food Tour

We booked onto the Food Tour after seeing how great the reviews were and it did not disappoint! Our Food Tour Guide Nicky, was brilliant! She has so much passion for food and her knowledge of Malta’s history was extensive! We really enjoyed her company. We got to try a variety of traditional Maltese food and drinks which were delicious. We would definitely recommend the tour to anyone who is visiting Malta, it’s a must! Thank you for a great time! 🙂

Alana Jiang-Weston

More than just a food tour

Offbeat Malta food trails is one of the highlights of my trip to Malta. Our guide, Daniela, is a chef who is passionate about not only the food, but the history of Malta. She showed us traditional restaurants that locals know and love, but the average tourist is unlikely to discover on their own. Each place we visited was owned by people who love and take pride in their food. Daniela was a wealth of information never ceasing to open my eyes as we walked from place to place as well as around the table. Her joy was clearly evident when she let us pause in a restaurant to indulge in the exuberance of the crowd as the band prepared for an upcoming feast. The food was all delicious and abundant. You won’t leave hungry. Moreover, Daniela positively impacted the rest of my stay in Malta with her tips and information. This company has a gem in Daniela; she’s a wonderful ambassador for both the company and for Malta. Book this trip at the start of your vacation. You will be so glad you did!

Laura Deorocki

More than just a food tour

This is one of the highlights of my trip to Malta. Our guide, Daniela, is a chef who is passionate about not only the food, but the history of Malta. She showed us traditional restaurants that locals know and love, but the average tourist is unlikely to discover on their own.

Highly Recommended

This was a really excellent tour of Valletta with four food stops and plenty to eat in places a bit off the beaten track that we would not have found otherwise. Nick was an interesting, knowledgeable and humourous guide….. if you want something a bit different from a standard walking tour I would definitely recommend this. The chocolate drink was amazing!

Great intro to Malta through food – highly recommend

Had a great tour with Nicky. She was so knowledgeable and interesting. We went to a variety of different places (all delicious and unique) and Nicky gave us a great insight into the history and way of life in Malta. It was such a fun experience and a great way to discover the city. I did the tour on the first day of my holiday which, if possible, I would recommend as it helped me find my bearings and learn about other things for the rest of my trip. Many thanks Nicky for a fantastic tour!

Helen Ashton

Fantastic experience!!

It was amazing and our tourguide Nick was absolutely the best.

Asa Rundgren

A first-class experience with a unique “taste” of Valletta

Highly recommended. In this three-hour we stopped at five city-centre establishments to savour the delights of real Maltese cuisine. I liked the venues so much that I went back to three of them later in my holiday. Nick’s knowledge, humour and unique take on the history of his homeland enhanced the experience greatly. Great memories from something that we would never have discovered ourselves. Thanks!

Interesting tour,

good start to a holiday in Malta. The guide was very entertaining!

Nicky brought Malta to life….
5 stars
Nicky brought Malta to life through her love of food and history on a must-do tour!!
We met our wonderful guide Nicky on the steps of the St Johns Co Cathedral in Valletta and from then on it was a fantastic culinary tour encompassing the social history of the Maltese. From delicious breakfast pastries through typical Maltese specialties including the national dish of rabbit we were treated to a tapestry of Maltese life on a plate. Alongside this we were treated to a variety of local Maltese drinks and sweets including a delicious glass of warm chocolate with fig liqueur that was poured straight from a tap! (I’ll say that again … liquid chocolate on tap!!) What’s not to love? Throughout Nicky’s love of both food and history shone through as she took us from the Knights of St John through to the Arab and Sicilian influences and the effect of Maltese social history on the food they eat today. Nicky was charming and knowledgeable, ready to answer any questions we had. The whole trip felt laid back, unhurried and extremely pleasant as we made friends within our multicultural group of travellers over a prickly pear liqueur and a cannolo. Highly recommend this as a must-do tour for foodies and non-foodies alike – great value for a a lovely introduction to Valletta and Malta. Just make sure you only have a light breakfast before hand!!

This is by far the best walking/food tour I have ever taken. Our guide was Nick and he was fantastic. Nick was VERY VERY knowledgeable and he is what made our tour amazing. There were 6 of us that booked together, plus 2 other people on the tour. Nick did a great job making everyone feel welcome and included. Nick had great stories about the food, provided so much history about Valletta and Malta, and was just an all around great guide. The food on the tour was excellent and you definitely want to arrive hungry. It was a great way to experience the Maltese food and culture. It is he best way to see Valletta.

“Amazing tour! Learned a lot about the history and food of Malta and Valletta. Got to try amazing dishes and drinks in a mixture of new and traditional places, never would have gone to most of them on my own. It was a wonderful experience and Nicky was lovely!”

Mdina food tour

Well worth every euro. Maria was a brilliant informative and friendly guide. Would encourage everyone
to take the tour.

This is a great way to learn about Mdina and the foods of Malta.   There is more than enough food and beverages to fill you to the very top (and then some). It is a little bit pricey, but you will get your money’s worth. We came away with full minds and tummies!

“Expérience très intéressante….

….. et riche en anecdotes Votre curiosité ainsi que votre faim seront comblés.”

A very worthwhile experience

The guide was well informed and made it very interesting. The food was plentyful and good quality. I would recommend this trip to anyone.

Definitely recommend this tour to anyone visiting…

Had a great time learning about the culture/history of Malta while enjoying the unique cuisine.

Nicky is a passionate and caring guide

“I recommend this experience to every greedy people, and also to the ones who wants to know about maltese history, culture, architecture and way of life. Nicky is a passionate and caring guide. Thanks you!”


Recalling the history of Valletta with a great guide. Recalling the history of Valletta with a great guide….

A unique perspective on Maltese Culture

Ingrid gave our group such a unique perspective on Maltese culture through food and her personal life stories. I have learned a lot on her trip and felt that we really connected.

The experience was amazing, I can’t recommend this experience enough

Of course you have the chance to try the foods without this, but the insight we got about their culture was something above expectations. Our guide,  was an exceptional personality himself

Good food and GREAT history!

Our tour guide, Nick, was like a walking history book! He was able to answer all of our questions and we learned so much about Malta!
So…if you enjoy tasting unique foods from a specific country and learning history at the same time, this food tour is the way to go! We would highly recommend it!

The Tour was more than we had expected.

Ingrid was just amazing. Not only she was giving information about food but also a lot about the history of the buildings of Valletta. We had more than enough food. Happy we did it!

“Wonderful experience”

……. great way to taste the traditional dishes of Malta. Also good insight to some of the history of Valetta and Malta. Highly Recommend”

We had a wonderful food experience with Celine

She was knowledgeable about the city, the food and the culture. There was A LOT of food, so one thing guaranteed you won’t be starving after this experience. Delicious dishes and local products. Highly recommend this experience, as you get to see both the city and taste great local dishes.”

Mdina Food Tour – awesome!
We had such a great visit with Nick. Being able to learn about the town and discuss Maltese life with a guide was a big plus. We saw larger tours visiting the city, and we were so grateful for our personalized experience. Every stop was great with delicious food and wonderful service.

Excellent food tour.
Our tour guide Nick was excellent. He was extremely knowledgeable about Malta’s history. Growing up in Melbourne to Maltese parents I knew about Maltese food and the selection offered was a very good indication! I go on food tours in most cities I visit & this was one of the best ones. I highly recommend this tour.

“One of the best food tours I’ve been to…..

…. and is an absolute must if you visit Malta!”

Great tour and awesome food!!!
Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and super nice!!! The food portions were bigggg. We loved this tour.

Nicky was a lovely host who took great care of us….
“The tour was an absolute delight. Great value for money – i think most people on the tour with us were impressed by how much variety we were able to try (both food and drink). The portions were not small either! Would definitely recommend coming on an empty stomach. Was thoroughly enjoyable…

Highly Recommended

Nicky was our guide, and she was wonderfully engaging and informative……we would highly recommend this tour.

“I would highly recommend the food tour to anyone interested in knowing about the history of the city of Valletta
……. & the island of Malta and of course the amazing food. Nicky delivers the tour with great passion & enthusiasm which makes you want to learn more about Malta after the tour is over..”

“Much more than a food tour”

….. It is a unique city exploration. Nicky is a talented guide. She has a deep knowledge of Malta’s history and culture while being friendly and communicative at the same time. Totally recommended!”

-a guy named nick…..

who was funny ,knowledgeable and entertaining -well worth doing”

“This was such a great experience!

We had a great tour of the city, heard about the geography/history, and were able to try some delicious food and drinks. Our guide, Nick, was very knowledgeable, friendly, and inviting. It was also a vegetarian-friendly experience. Highly recommend!”

Don’t eat beforehand

We had a great time on this tour. We started at 10am and finished close to 2pm (a little later than the 1pm schedule), but we had breakfast, lunch and dinner in that space of time. Ingrid was a great host, who was clearly interested in the subject.

Ingrid was enchanting

Our guide was so passionate about the culture and food of Malta, we found her to be so interesting. Don’t have breakfast before you go, there is plenty to try. You visit a number of establishments, we tried things we would never have picked. We all had a great time- thank you

Fantastic Food Tasting Tour

The tour company set up this private tour on short notice. We enjoyed plenty of food, beer, wine & liquors. Nick our guide was excellent, providing interesting, comical historical and current perspective during the tour. This is one of the best food tours I have taken and I highly recommend it.

“Nicky was immediately friendly and knowledgeable…

…….a two hour delay at takeoff and I arrived at 1200 for the 1000 start. But guide Nicky saved the day. After we all went to three spots to eat Nicky spent extra time taking me back to the previous dishes I missed. Such a nice gesture. ……… Lovely tour!

Well worth the cost

Wonderful experience of tasting local food and the history of Valletta.

Our guide Nick was fantastic

and really full of knowledge on the food and culture of Valletta and Malta. we had a great time! Highly recommend this to anyone looking for an inside scope on the area and food of Valetta

My guide was Nick, a very knowledge and enthusiastic person
I love history and he had information about Malta, Valletta , and the Knights of Malta that I would not have learned otherwise. The food and drinks were very interesting from the Cactus liquor to the mashed peas pastry. I look forward to returning another day to spend more time at the places he took me to

Nick was our guide and he was incredibly knowledgeable

…… as well as personable. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves to eat and learn!

“This was a great tour. A wonderful way to understand Malta!”

We loved our tour!

Our guide, Ingrid was fabulous, one of the best food tour guides we have experienced.

Are you looking to sample the delights of Maltese cuisine? Do you want inside information on the best places to eat in Valletta? Are you interested in joining a small group tour and meeting people who share your passion for great quality food? If yes we highly recommend Offbeat Malta

Very nice and successful tour
............with lots of food, coupled with interesting background information 
on the topic "food in Malta". The tour guide was Maltese and had a very good 
expertise. A tour that I personally can and will recommend.

Many thanks to Ingrid for her excellent tour

….. would recommend this to anyone with an interest in food specific to this area and was conveyed in a very engaging manner.

Congratulations on a fantastic experience.

Congratulations on a fantastic experience.

Our guide , Nick has strong passion and pride in Malta and in particular the capital city gem Valletta ,with a trophy chest full of interesting knowledge. A great experience combination.

This tasting experience was unique, fun and full of information

This tasting experience was unique, fun and full of information. Our guide, Ingrid, was passionate about the Maltese cuisine, local culture and history, she not only showed us a great selection of traditional food and beverage, but also introduced quite a few historical places of interest to us.

Our guide was Ingrid and she was great
“Our guide was Ingrid and she was great. Have a wonderful morning wondering around Malta, learning about the culture and eating some excellent food.”

This tour is a must if you visit Valletta

This tour is a must if you visit Valletta. It’s a great way to familiarise yourself with the town , discover the best places to visit and enjoy a morning sampling Malta’s traditional food and drink. Plenty of foods stops so go hungry and pace yourself.

…one of the best local experiences

“Nick was an incredible guide. He has profound depth of knowledge of Malta and is proud to share his culture and heritage with you. After a month of travelling within Malta this was one of the best local experiences we had. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who loves food

An exceptional host

Our guide for the Valletta food tour was Nick. He was an exceptional host who was very engaged and knowledgable about the history of Malta and it’s food. He taught us a lot of history in addition to some of his own interpretations as a Maltese person, of how Malta’s food culture has developed.

…more of a feast

“Maria was very knowledgeable. The tour described providing snacks but it was more of a feast (cheese or pea pastizzi and tea, Maltese pizza, Kinnie soda, veggies and rabbit, wine, chocolate beverage, Maltese dessert and special cocktail). Lots of walking and history along the many stops. ??  I would recommend the tour. I’d encourage you to do it early on in your stay to get insider info if possible.”

Foodie must do!
“Foodie must do! If you’re a foodie then you’ll want to add this tour to your Maltese travel plans. We enjoyed great food, drinks, history and conversation. It was a great way to explore Valletta, meet fellow travelers and of course sample great food and drinks from local shops and restaurants.”

“Delicious, traditional food served with a story, and so much more!”

“Value for money”

“Will certainly recommend it to others”

“Thanks and keep it up!”

“………….very well organized with every aspect being taken care of. Well done for the superb work”