Offbeat Malta food trails is one of the highlights of my trip to Malta. Our guide, Daniela, is a chef who is passionate about not only the food, but the history of Malta. She showed us traditional restaurants that locals know and love, but the average tourist is unlikely to discover on their own. Each place we visited was owned by people who love and take pride in their food. Daniela was a wealth of information never ceasing to open my eyes as we walked from place to place as well as around the table. Her joy was clearly evident when she let us pause in a restaurant to indulge in the exuberance of the crowd as the band prepared for an upcoming feast. The food was all delicious and abundant. You won’t leave hungry. Moreover, Daniela positively impacted the rest of my stay in Malta with her tips and information. This company has a gem in Daniela; she’s a wonderful ambassador for both the company and for Malta. Book this trip at the start of your vacation. You will be so glad you did!

Laura Deorocki