After visiting all over the island for more than a week and already having explored Valletta, it was good to go back to the capital to see the nooks and crannies of the city that I had overlooked. Our guide, Ingrid, was so lively and upbeat about the city and the foods that one couldn’t help but be excited about the tour. It was laid out very nicely, with stops at a place that serves breakfast, then one that serves a lunch and one that serves a dinner. We had a chance to sample Maltese wine, beer, and chocolate and go to places frequented by the locals. Our group was about 8 people, which was just perfect for moving around through the city and maneuvering through the crowded streets. We started at 10 and ended at about 2 I think, so it was nice that we never felt rushed. We had a chance to talk and meet the other participants and to learn more about them, a bonus when traveling abroad. All in all, a really fun day and all the better because of Ingrid, who was so knowledgeable about Malta and the foods we sampled. A must do!

Eugene Alpert