We had a great food tour with the knowledgeable and entertaining INgrid.  Five different venues and a chance to try all the local food and drink.  Really interesting to hear the history associated with these foods and enjoy the ambience of places off the beaten track. Highly recommend it but allow more time than the website suggests to fully enjoy.


Wendy Baxter

A fun and tasty tour

After visiting all over the island for more than a week and already having explored Valletta, it was good to go back to the capital to see the nooks and crannies of the city that I had overlooked. Our guide, Ingrid, was so lively and upbeat about the city and the foods that one couldn’t help but be excited about the tour. It was laid out very nicely, with stops at a place that serves breakfast, then one that serves a lunch and one that serves a dinner. We had a chance to sample Maltese wine, beer, and chocolate and go to places frequented by the locals. Our group was about 8 people, which was just perfect for moving around through the city and maneuvering through the crowded streets. We started at 10 and ended at about 2 I think, so it was nice that we never felt rushed. We had a chance to talk and meet the other participants and to learn more about them, a bonus when traveling abroad. All in all, a really fun day and all the better because of Ingrid, who was so knowledgeable about Malta and the foods we sampled. A must do!

Eugene Alpert

What a fun day

Fantastic food, stunning setting with an amazing guide. The tour was informative and fun. I would never have experienced the atmosphere ambience on my own. Met some wonderful characters. A must do tour.

Yvonne Sheen

Fabulous evening

A group of 15 was met by Ingrid, our very upbeat guide. She was very enthusiastic and led us with great anticipation to the various restaurants. We, within a few hours discovered the very tasty local cuisine that included breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. It was lovely to be guided through the myriad of streets to the local eateries. We would recommend that participants be warned to come with an appetite.

Hilary Murphy

A Maltese food fiesta

Our guide Nick was very knowledgeable, but put everything across in a fun relaxed way. The food stops were all excellent and varied. We returned to a couple of the places we visited on the tour, for meals and to stock up on spices. Thank you!!!!

Lindy Jones

Informal amazing eating experience

Very nice walk around Valletta tasting local foods and delicacies! Informative and very pleasant guide. Would definitely recommend.

Andy Nealgrove

Very good food tasting tour!

Ingrid was an excellent guide and we really enjoyed the tour. It was a great combination of insight into Maltese history, food, and culture. Ingrid really brought things to life and also was very funny! Great guide and we definitely recommend this tour to anyone looking for something a little different to the standard tourist site tour.

Jonathan Joseph-Home

Brilliant tour – highly recommended

Absolutely loved this tour, it was the highlight of our trip (family of 5 on holiday). We were part of a really fun group – 6 or so other people from all over the world, all coming together to try new and delicious food from a range of foodie pitstops (nothing too pretentious or fancy!). Our guide was amazing, she was so funny and managed to weave history and context into everything, while keeping it light and entertaining. She really made us laugh. The hours flew by.

Joanna Wolton

Really worth it

Ingrid was a fantastic tour guide – She was knowledgeable about the food and drink, and also about the culture and history of Valletta and Malta. She was also very funny and entertaining. The tour stopped at 4 places, all within easy walking distance within the old town. The four experiences were diverse and clearly well thought out. I’d recommend this tour, particularly with Ingrid, to anyone! Thank you!

Robyn MacKay

So much fun!

We really loved Nick and his unique way of guiding us through Valetta, giving a good background to the city’s history while also pointing out architectural features we would have never noticed ourselves.

Despite eating most of the Maltese food already, prior to attending the tour, the places we went to was class, and food was very good quality and tasty. Highly recommended by foodies.

Benjamin Le

Honest and entertaining tour guide, delicious food!