We had such a great visit with Nick. Being able to learn about the town and discuss Maltese life with a guide was a big plus. We saw larger tours visiting the city, and we were so grateful for our personalized experience. Every stop was great with delicious food and wonderful service.
Mdina Food Tour – awesome!
Our tour guide Nick was excellent. He was extremely knowledgeable about Malta’s history. Growing up in Melbourne to Maltese parents I knew about Maltese food and the selection offered was a very good indication! I go on food tours in most cities I visit & this was one of the best ones. I highly recommend this tour.

Excellent food tour.

…. and is an absolute must if you visit Malta!”

“One of the best food tours I’ve been to…..
Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and super nice!!! The food portions were bigggg. We loved this tour.
Great tour and awesome food!!!
“The tour was an absolute delight. Great value for money – i think most people on the tour with us were impressed by how much variety we were able to try (both food and drink). The portions were not small either! Would definitely recommend coming on an empty stomach. Was thoroughly enjoyable…
Nicky was a lovely host who took great care of us….

Nicky was our guide, and she was wonderfully engaging and informative……we would highly recommend this tour.

Highly Recommended
……. & the island of Malta and of course the amazing food. Nicky delivers the tour with great passion & enthusiasm which makes you want to learn more about Malta after the tour is over..”
“I would highly recommend the food tour to anyone interested in knowing about the history of the city of Valletta

….. It is a unique city exploration. Nicky is a talented guide. She has a deep knowledge of Malta’s history and culture while being friendly and communicative at the same time. Totally recommended!”

“Much more than a food tour”

who was funny ,knowledgeable and entertaining -well worth doing”

-a guy named nick…..

We had a great tour of the city, heard about the geography/history, and were able to try some delicious food and drinks. Our guide, Nick, was very knowledgeable, friendly, and inviting. It was also a vegetarian-friendly experience. Highly recommend!”

“This was such a great experience!