The guide was well informed and made it very interesting. The food was plentyful and good quality. I would recommend this trip to anyone.

A very worthwhile experience

Had a great time learning about the culture/history of Malta while enjoying the unique cuisine.

Definitely recommend this tour to anyone visiting…

“I recommend this experience to every greedy people, and also to the ones who wants to know about maltese history, culture, architecture and way of life. Nicky is a passionate and caring guide. Thanks you!”

Nicky is a passionate and caring guide

Recalling the history of Valletta with a great guide. Recalling the history of Valletta with a great guide….


Ingrid gave our group such a unique perspective on Maltese culture through food and her personal life stories. I have learned a lot on her trip and felt that we really connected.

A unique perspective on Maltese Culture

Of course you have the chance to try the foods without this, but the insight we got about their culture was something above expectations. Our guide,  was an exceptional personality himself

The experience was amazing, I can’t recommend this experience enough

Our tour guide, Nick, was like a walking history book! He was able to answer all of our questions and we learned so much about Malta!
So…if you enjoy tasting unique foods from a specific country and learning history at the same time, this food tour is the way to go! We would highly recommend it!

Good food and GREAT history!

Ingrid was just amazing. Not only she was giving information about food but also a lot about the history of the buildings of Valletta. We had more than enough food. Happy we did it!

The Tour was more than we had expected.

……. great way to taste the traditional dishes of Malta. Also good insight to some of the history of Valetta and Malta. Highly Recommend”

“Wonderful experience”

She was knowledgeable about the city, the food and the culture. There was A LOT of food, so one thing guaranteed you won’t be starving after this experience. Delicious dishes and local products. Highly recommend this experience, as you get to see both the city and taste great local dishes.”

We had a wonderful food experience with Celine